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About Me
I’m an interdisciplinary social scientist with Master's degrees in International Business & Politics, International Management and Public Administration from Copenhagen Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 


I was born and raised in Denmark, where I've worked at the Danish Parliament and in management consulting. I have traveled, studied and worked throughout Latin America. I’m currently based in Mexico City, Mexico.

My Work

I value the power of sharing personal stories to understand larger societal challenges. This site will share such stories in ways that promote:

  • Including various perspectives on and layers of an issue 

  • Embracing complexity without providing ‘easy answers’

  • Elevating rarely heard voices

My work is mostly focused on issues of inequality, human rights, development, environment and inclusive governance. My heart lies in both Europe and Latin America.


I primarily write about Latin America, publishing my stories in English, Spanish and Danish. I've worked as a Colombia stringer for The Economist and The New York Times. I've written for The Economist, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Beast, The Times (UK), Atmos, The Nation, Mongabay, Inkstick Media, CommonWealth Magazine, The New Humanitarian, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Foreign Policy, and others.

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